Best Practices for Voice Transcription in Contact Centers

Best Practices for Voice Transcription in Contact Centers

One way to analyze contact center agent interactions with customers is through voice transcripts. Voice transcription allow quality managers to assess service delivery and let the legal department track compliance. If you can find out about this, you can change the system or work pattern of your contact center company for the better. This interaction between agents and customers can also give you an idea of ​​how the market is changing and what customers want. Then you need to know how best to transcribe voice in your contact center company.

Here is the best way to transcribe voice in your contact center company!

Defining Speech Analytics and Voice Transcription

Speech analysis is a feature that provides an automatic evaluation of the interactions that contact center agents carry out with customers daily. Meanwhile, voice transcripts are the process of converting the voice of the interaction between contact center agents and customers into writing. This converts unstructured data into structured data to interpret the content of the conversation. With the voice transcript, it will be easier for your agent to analyze questions from customers. You can also see the quality of your contact center agent’s work by seeing how your contact center agent answers questions and provides solutions to customers.

By combining the features of speech analytics with voice transcription, you can extract the information that is considered relevant or of greatest value to a business. And you can provide deep insights into conversations between customer and agent.

Understanding How Speech Analytics and Voice Transcription Work

Speech analysis and voice transcription are a set of abilities in the discipline of quality assurance and compliance. They provide managers with the information they need about agent performance, quality of interaction, and customer satisfaction. By analyzing call records and tagged transcripts, contact centers create logs of their interactions which can be used for training, trend analysis, identifying opportunities for improvement, and legal defense. With voice analysis and voice transcripts, your contact center agents can strategize soundly and work more effectively.

This means that managers can quickly and easily filter keywords, phrases, topics, and emotions; and reducing the time spent observing interactions to find relevant interactions. Finally, it immediately reminds the manager to take corrective action if a problem occurs.

Getting the Most Out of Voice Transcription

To be able to perform voice transcripts and their analysis optimally, you need sophisticated analytical engine technology. Solutif in collaboration with Genesys provides you with the best voice analysis software so that your contact center agents can be helped in seeing the results of conversations with customers.

Set goals and determine KPIs

You can set a variety of goals, including measuring performance, increasing revenue, gathering insights to improve service levels or understanding customer preferences, or state goals. This can help you develop the right business strategy and maximize the performance of contact center agents. By setting goals ahead of time, it is easier to identify KPIs. Speech analysis and voice transcription allow you to understand the health of a contact center and how it is performing.

Select the right staff

Take the time to select the right employees to accomplish this task and take advantage of the right training. It is important to explain the benefits of the new tool that you plan to implement by your contact center agent. Be sure to demonstrate that these changes involve not only agents, but also quality managers, evaluators, supervisors, and IT staff. Make sure everyone involved receives training and understands the value of the new tool.

Configure software

Once you have defined goals and KPIs, you must be configured to enable automation for performance monitoring, categorization, topic determination, keyword identification, and tagging and scoring. All of these factors contribute to identifying and finding the interactions that your business wants to track. And be sure to do the next follow-up.

Minimize risk

Creating a repository and keeping auditable resources handy is a must. It’s the best way to minimize risk. Assess interactions and what needs to be implemented and integrated. Consider the audio content and the transcription. Acknowledge the benefits it offers, point out opportunities for improvement and prepare for potential complaints. Take advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) to support the skills and training of your agents so they can successfully carry out daily tasks.

Driving Employee Performance

Voice transcription has enormous benefits for contact centers. Voice transcripts allow your contact center company to more easily access insights into customer and agent needs. This can improve the strategy and effectiveness of the contact center agent’s work. Voice transcripts also help you in the following areas.

1. Customer satisfaction

2. Competitive intelligence

3. Analyze the quality of work of contact center agents

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Best Practices for Voice Transcription in Contact Centers
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